Explainer video of Stir

Transforming the way people go out.

  • Overview

    Stir is a small startup I founded and created in 2017. We've received small funding and over the course of the last year have had a run of phenomenal interns. Stir is a mobile ordering application that venues can set up in less that 5 minutes. Stir learns consumer habits and makes recommendations upon entry of a venue.

  • Current Achievements

    Stir has a partnership with Foursquare to get access to an SDK that gives us highly refined geolocation data. A letter of intent with one of San Francisco's biggest Bar and Restaurant chains. $50k in funding. Awarded top 10 startups to watch in 2017

  • Technology Stack

    ReactNodejsReact-NativeMongoDBLoopbackWordpressAngular 1

Real Time Info

Stir allows users to find venues around them in real time and as with more money raised, we will build more user rich features to grow our audience and user experience.

This is a screen shot of the venue page in Stir. Each venue can manage their own venue through our easy to use dashboard. In the dashboard they can also update menu items which can then be ordered by their patrons.

Use it anywhere and everywhere

Our POS is a browser based application that allows for any venue employee to log in and access orders from any device.

Stir is a completely free POS that saves venues money and makes the ordering process process more efficient.