As an avid musician, Pandora was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I had a unique roll that gave me the opportunity to build custom content stations for high profile live events like SXSW and high profile brands. I also had a hand in creating what became their award-winning ad tech platform.


While at Pandora I was on a small team of designers that began testing our interstitial experience. Because Pandora is usually a set it and forget it experience for advertisements we had to get creative in how we would encourage users to interact with advertisements.

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Pandora Premieres

I was at Pandora for nearly two years as an interaction developer/designer on the design team. I was responsible for creating custom content stations for high-level events and brands. One of my favorites was creating and improving upon one of Pandora’s more popular stations, Pandora Premieres. It garnished a lot of press when it was released due to it being Pandoras first on-demand station. Check out an article here