I was on a small prototyping team in the design organization at eBay that had access to all ebay data to create any prototype imaginable. Due to the fact that this data was tightly configured behind different VPNs I no longer have access to the coolest of things we built while I was employed.

Incredible Design Team

I've worked with many design teams and I was quite surprised with the talent level of the designers at eBay. I worked closely with designers in the org to create prototypes for scheduled User Experience Research studies to ensure the designs were as intended. Below are a minimal examples of work while at eBay

Prototyping all of eBay on the web

At eBay our small team re-built ebay in its entirety in Angular to make it easier to create prototypes for user testing and to test all new design. Unfortunately I am not at liberty to comfortably show examples of new design.


The majority of prototypes while working at eBay involved utilizing real ebay data which I am restricted from showing. I've put together a few gifs of prototypes that were put together for specific user experience research studies.

The prototype to the right is a prototype of creating an on-boarding experience for users to find out what they are most interested in to build a curated shopping platform.


Fashion App

An internal app built by myself and a couple employees at eBay. The api was provided by the AI team at eBay to test our automated shopping intelligence. A lot of people don't know this, but fashion is one of the most popular categories to shop for on ebay.

After building this internal application, Facebook ended up using this same intelligence to test their shopping experience platform using ebay content and data before completely rolling out their own marketplace.

Fashion App continued.

To the right you can see the Fashion App in action except for viewing the end results, which is truly the best part but again that data is protected. The idea is you pick the brands that you are interested in, your sizes and the return shows products you might be interested in. Once you start favoriting products it starts to learn your style and "flavor" and will only start showing items that you would be interested in the future to purchase on ebay.

This was a progressive web app built in React utilizing the material-ui component library and an API delivered by the AI team.


Something that doesn't get taken seriously enough by most companies is the legalities behind color accessibility. A couple employees and myself developed an app at eBay for our designers to easily test the level of accessibility of colors used in designs. We used a technical formula that deciphers luminosity of colors to give a report on if the color choice is sufficient.