Blend is a loan origination platform primarily for mortgages to make the home buying process easier than it's ever been before. When I began working at blend they were a very small startup of less than 20 employees. Blend is not a top 50 startup in the US and operates with over 200 employees and 160 million in funding. It's been great watching this company succeed. I'm a big fan of the founders, their culture and their CEO Nima Ghamsari.

Design Engineer

At Blend I mostly spent my time prototyping with the design team. Honestly, one of the best groups of people I had ever worked with. During my time there I had the opportunity of building their website which was an awesome experience. My version can be found by clicking here. I would also recommend checking out their current site the design is so good!

Prototyping Blend

When I began at Blend the loan originations portion of the product hadn't been fully built out yet. I worked with our small design team of 4 to prototype mobile and desktop versions of the product to test out in User Research Studies.


Desktop Version of Prototype above.

Lender Experience

Part of Blends product is providing a phenomenal lender experience. I would go to lenders and realtors offices to see how they performed work to ensure we were building the best tools possible for them. Here is an example of us testing micro interactions which are so important.


Here is an example of a prototype I built to funnel in new clients using a widget I created that Chase can plug and play into their website.

UI Kit

At Blend I had the opportunity to build the first iteration of our tool kit which we were able to build forms quickly for prototypes and copy and paste code quickly.