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Highly passionate about perfect user engagement and interaction using a powerful medium of both programming and design.


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  • Prototypical Dev and Design

    UX Engineering is a passion of mine. I like to bring ideas to life through mid-high level prototypes based off of clients or companies’ expectations. As a skilled designer and developer, I can quickly bring ideas to life to help identify pitfalls that can't be found until presented for a user to test.

    I build alternative variations that can be presented in UER studies to ensure that the right idea or build is getting pushed to production. I generally build prototypes from scratch utilizing a home made formula i've created to get the maximum value in the shortest amount of time. For mid-level prototypes I usually use Sketch, InVision, Framer or Origami.

  • Full-Stack Engineering

    Generally working with MEAN and MERN stacks and Wordpress Development. I can create rapid turn around production ready marketing builds and have been known to turn around projects from ideation to live in less than a week.

    I am an API fanatic with some of my favorites being Stripe, Braintree, Coinbase, Google Places and Foursquare. I enjoy designing and building professional looking websites and applications that match brands and company image. I enjoy Front-End development for dashboards that display numerous types of different data.

  • Stack Experience

    CLINPMYarnYeomanGulpGrunt Bower GIT Angular 1 React React-Native Node.js MongoDB NOSQL Less Sass CSS javaScript jQuery Wordpress MySQL PHP Sketch Photoshop Illustrator Framer Origami Invision Balsamiq

It's All An Adventure

Throughout most of my career, I've been positioned on teams as a design engineer with the ability to code and design on the fly. I have a versatile background; a rapid prototyper that can quickly build application ideas and iterations; designer and developer of company websites; and production builds for millions of users and much more.

I enjoy creating data centric applications and my speciality is delivering products that require beautiful designs for drastically different dynamic data.

My methodology is simple. I work in iterative and incremental cycles until results desired are 100% achieved.

Where I've Been.



An early employee at several start-ups. One has been successful and another very successful making Forbes next billion dollar startup list. SaaS and Fintech have been the majority of my experience.


Large Corporations

I've worked on design teams for both Pandora and eBay as a UX Engineer. At Pandora I helped build their award winning Ad Tech platform. At eBay I worked with a small team to prototype new ideas and future designs.



I've worked for several agencies. One was responsible for helping me gain high level clientele. Through agency work I've had the experience and pleasure to work with the likes of Google, Facebook, Youtube, Apple, Amazon, and Verizon.



During my career I also took on additional work as a consultant and freelancer. Big name projects I was able to acquire were for Genentech, Nixon, Tim McGraw and Big Terminal.



At eBay I was in charge of implementing new branding and UI through high fidelity prototypes to roll out in 2018 for mobile web and native applications. While at eBay I established prototyping standards and regulations to help facilitate different levels of fidelity in prototypes.


As an early employee at Blend, a digital lending platform that helps consumers work smarter in the home buying process and delivers a superior customer experience. At Blend I built prototypes for important pitches including Fannie Mae and Zillow, I also had a heavy hand testing new items being added into our product pipeline that ultimately shaped the product today.


At Pandora I worked as a Sr. Interactive Developer where I built custom branded content stations for large brands for all platforms and devices. Brands I worked with included Bud light, Bacardi, Toyota, James Brown etc... I helped rebuild Pandora Premieres, which is one of the largest stations on Pandora. I was also apart of a team that helped build their award winning in house ad tech platform.


I moved north to the bay area to sharpen my skillsets and worked as a Lead Front End Developer for two agencies. At Tribal Brands I worked with brands such as Verizon, Amazon and MTV. Tribal Brands is the first company to drive over $1 Billion of sales on mobile platforms through carrier partners. I then did work for Beyond, an agency where I crafted my skills within mobile web development. Projects I primarily worked on were for YouTube, Google, Facebook and Apple.


After graduating I felt like I wanted to give back in some way or form so I began to work for companies in San Diego that dealt with Non-Profit Organizations. As a Front-End Developer and Designer I helped a startup from the early years and also worked for an agency that was responsible for the Kony campaign.


Graduated Art School Cum Laude and finished internship with Jack In The Box Video Communications Dept. I was in charge of transferring all of the glorious Jack In The Box commercials to digital format.

P: (805) 637-1608

I'm always accepting new clients. Long term or short term. Could be open to an exclusive full time remote contract. If you're interested in working together I would be happy to chat. Feel free to set up a time to discuss below.

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